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Phibro is an international physical commodities trading firm. Phibro trades in crude oil, oil products, natural gas, precious and base metals, agricultural products, commodity-related equities, and other products. Phibro’s headquarters are located in Stamford, Connecticut.

Phibro has financial issues and poor management as an employer, there is no place to grow, and long working hours, according to a former employee at

"Reuters reported in November that the firm was again on the wrong side of the oil markets and is poised to again lose money. Poor Management, nor a place for Growth, Long days. Poor communication from the top during uncertain times."


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In house (Former Employee) says

"El ambiente laboral es muy difícil, las personas dedican su tiempo a hablar mal de las personas y las personas que desempeñan cargos de alto rango, no cuentan con la experiencia para su carga además de que se adjudican el trabajo de las demás personas como suyo, son personas poco profesionales y por otro lado se la pasan inventando chismes dificultando así la relación laboral con las demás personas además de que te hacen sentir que no eres parte de la empresa dificultando así"

Inhouse (Former Employee) says

"El ambiente laboral es pesimo, todo mundo habla de todos, las mujeres son muy criticonas y solo dedican su tiempo en hacer chismes de otros compañeros con sus malos entendidos ocasionando asi incomodidad y dificultad en la relacion laboral, por otro lado las personas que ocupan cargos altos no cuentan con la experiencia para ejercer un cargo de alto rango que demanda muchas actividades ya que son poco profesionales y se cuelgan del trabajo que hacen las demas personas adjudicandoselo ellos mismos"

Shipping Receiving Manager (Former Employee) says

"Bad workplace and management arguing all the time. There was no balance with work and home. They wanted you to work and do everyone else's job so they did. It have to do it. Drivers were treated very wrongNoneHours"

Research Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Phibro has become the average corporate company that has a disproportionate focus on making more money vs doing better business (which produces more money). If you’re just looking for a 9-6 job to clock in and out, then Phibro will give you decent benefits with a slightly-less-than-competitive wage. If you’re looking for a job that’s open to your ideas, has advancement opportunities, and invests time and energy into employee development and retention, then give Phibro a few more years. Hopefully they’ll get there.Average benefits package, a lot of employees who still do care and tryOverall lack of general leadership and management skills, salary compensation"

Technical Support/System Administrator (Former Employee) says

"the IT Management Dept was very poorly. never had their support. not a good place to grow up as a professional. I will not recommend. other Departments are very friendly, understanding."

Directo of Marketing & Product Management (Former Employee) says

"Solid combination of nutritional products (OmniGen, Animate, AB20...), Medicated Feed Additives and Vaccines for animal agriculture. Increasingly integrating across above areas to strive to optimize business cost and profitability.Prince in Quincy has high experience basePhilbro in centralizing leadership into New Jersey"

Desenhista Projetista (Former Employee) says

"Local com excelentes instalações. Oferece excelentes benefícios.Proximidade"

Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"Working conditions less than desirable in the production area. Company offers good benefits but there's no room for advancement. No down time, always go go go."